Panel 3: AI and the Legal Sphere

Time: 13:15-14:30

AI and the practice of law are at a crossroads in which the use and implementation of machine learning techniques live in a grey area in which laws, which were written without this technology in mind, must be reinterpreted or rewritten. The consequences of proceeding blindly are dire, with AI technology affecting policing and sentencing in the court of law, predicting global health policies, and often exacerbating injustices to minority groups in the process. Resolving these issues require complex computing technology but also physical, human, and social entities. In this panel, we will consider questions such as, “if, when and how should AI be regulated by law?”, “should we instead reject the premise ‘AI inevitability’ and instead remove AI entirely from certain aspects of law and governance?”, and “how can we successfully incorporate all stakeholders in these crucial but incredibly complex decisions?”.


Moderator : Jack Balkin

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