Panel 1: AI’s Impact on Society

Time: 9:00-10:15

Machine learning algorithms and AI are already interwoven with society, affecting everything from how we hire and search for jobs, to the news and information we see online, to how and when you interact with your social connections. In this panel, we will discuss the role of AI in social and cultural change, and consider the societal biases and ills it can help exacerbate or eliminate. We will consider questions such as “how do online platforms implicitly encode glass ceiling effects and propagate or exacerbate societal biases?”, “is AI driving significant cultural change in fundamentally new and potentially irreversible ways?”, “how do we represent and reason about other people’s minds when the interactions are conducted through an ML filter?”, and “how are AI systems acting explicitly or implicitly as vehicles for social engineering?”.


Moderator : Elisa Celis

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